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Friday, June 6, 2008

Taking a Break to Smell the Flowers

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After one week in Harare I was exhausted because I was trying to accomplish so much in the 2 weeks I had set aside for the visit. One day I decided to just stay at home and enjoy the glorious sunshine, chirping birds and gorgeous flowers. I just sat in one of my hammocks on the verandah (porch) & watched the sun stream through the magnificent Musasa trees gracing the yard. It was so peaceful & dreamy - so typical of a summer's day in Zimbabwe. My poor St Bernard Bruno was huffing & puffing in the shade because it was so hot. Whoever decided this was a good breed for an African climate was sadly mistaken. Then I walked around the yard with Bruno trailing behind me as I took random photos of the flowers in the yard. The rains hadn't yet started to fall during my visit so I was glad to see these - aren't they so beautiful?

Later in the day I drove to the "Borrowdale Village" which is a shopping mall in a neighborhood called Borrowdale. I used to visit this mall a lot as a teenager & it's always my favorite shopping place in Harare.
Below are 2 photos I took of the Village, a rare taste of the Africa they don't show in the media:

Then I went back to my hammock on the verandah...

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