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Friday, February 4, 2011

From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe

"From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe" is an in-progress 60 minute documentary about crafters in rural Zimbabwe competing for once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase their crafts at the Sante Fe International Folk Art Market in the USA.  The film focuses on the three finalists who narrate their daily lives, their thoughts, their hopes and their dreams.  While you may root for all of the contestants, the spaces are limited to only one individual per participating village.

I am intrigued by this film and can't wait to watch it.  The filmmakers are currently trying to raise $25,000 to fund the remaining part of the journey in Santa Fe.  If you can support, please do.  Check out their website here, and make your donations here.


From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe (work sample) from cristina mccandless on Vimeo.