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Friday, February 11, 2011

Village of Hope, Zimbabwe

Village of Hope supports orphaned and impoverished children in Zimbabwe.  On their website they state "The current statistics tell that there are 1.5 million orphans in Zimbabwe today, but places of safety for only 0.5% of this number. They state that the average life expectancy is 34 years old because of AIDS – the middle generation of parents being virtually wiped out – leaving the care of their children in the hands of aging grandparents with little or no means – or with no care at all."

We did some research on Google and we were astounded by the sheer number of orphanages in Zimbabwe.  While efforts are being made to rescue these children there are still many slipping through the cracks.  By supporting missions such as Village of Hope, more children can be rescued.  If you are interested in volunteering in Zimbabwe there are many orphanages who welcome such assistance.  While money helps, your skills, your time and your presence are also highly valued.