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Friday, January 2, 2009

African Interior Design Idea For Sadza Batik

Happy New Year Everyone! Today I wanted to share a simple way for you to incorporate sadza batik into your African interior design. You'll notice I add the word "African" quite a bit in an effort to get more traffic to this blog, but even if you're not looking for "African" interior design ideas, the batiks add a unique self-defined flavor you will not find any place else. The photograph shows my own kitchen in Atlanta, GA which I decorated with a hand made pelmet covered in a bright orange fabric to warm up the room. A pelmet is a framework placed above a window, used to conceal curtain fixtures, used decoratively (to hide the curtain rod) - aka valance or cornice. I attached a strip of Sadza batik to the groove in the center then overlayed it with this shimmery tassle.

Please share your thoughts and let us know if you'd like to see more ideas for African interiors...