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Saturday, August 29, 2009

African Hammocks by Mr Gurupira

Mr Gurupira & His Wife Above

I met this talented man in Zimbabwe at the Borrowdale Shopping Mall where he was selling his hammocks at the popular Sunday flea market. He is a teacher by profession and makes hammocks to supplement his income. His hammocks are 100% handmade using Zimbabwean cotton rope and fallen branches from hardwood trees. He uses a single rope for each hammock.

Mr Gurupira Stands Outside His Home (above) and Chats to us

in his Kitchen (below)

Mr Gurupira is looking for customers, so let us know what you think of his product. He lives over an hour away from the city where his wife is a nurse at a clinic in an area named Darwendale. We drove to visit him one afternoon so see him at work. Unfortunately it was wet and rainy that day so we had to cut the visit short, but he & his wife unravelled one piece he was working on for us to see as seen in the photos above. Below are some brief videos we shot while we were there: