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Friday, October 26, 2007

It Takes a Village

This blog is for all arts & crafts lovers. I am looking for ideas to take to Africa, to the women's cooperatives there, so they can improve their products and be more competitive in the international market.
My next trip is to Zimbabwe in November 2007. There I will meet with the director of the largest women's cooperative in the country to learn a) about the women involved in the projects b) what projects they are working on c) what obstacles they encounter d) how I can help.
I also love stone sculpture, so if you like sculpture, feel free to share. More on this blog later...


  1. I wanted to say that I really respect your initiative! Also, I am familiar with a socially responsible company that you might be interested in- Imagine Home. They take first world designs and commission women from impoverished regions (particularly South Africa) to handcraft home accessories. Proceeds go back to these crafters for materials, education, and overall well-being ( I read the founder's story and it seems your goals are along the same line. Just thought I'd share... good luck!

  2. Thanks Lyndsey, I really appreciate the comments and the link. I'm going to contact them to hear their thoughts. Thanks again!

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