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Sunday, September 19, 2010

African Fabrics (Sadza Batik) For Your Wedding, Kwanzaa Decoration etc..

You may be struggling with how to incorporate your western wedding with traditional African fabrics like those sold on Tashanda (Sadza Batik / Kudhinda) . 

One Tashanda customer has kindly shared some photos of how her family used our sadza batik fabrics for her daughter's wedding, which was absolutely beautiful. 

Please note that this was a special order, so you may not see these exact fabrics on our website.  However you are free to contact us for custom orders.
Other customers have used our fabrics for Kwanzaa and their Kwanzaa decorations. 


  1. I really love these fabrics. I've been thinking about how to balance using fabrics and themes from my home country India in weddings these days- love the look of this.

  2. Yes it really is beautiful isn't it? Even we were pleasantly suprise by the beautiful outcome, as we had no clue what our client was planning to do with these batiks. Hopefully others will be inspired to do the same for their weddings and other events.